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Discover Mobilaser, the laser game experience that can go wherever you want it to! Immerse yourself in exciting laser battles and experience unforgettable moments of entertainment at corporate events, private parties or other special occasions.

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Directly in your home  ↓

What we can offer

Your own space
30 vests
Obstacle rental
Our team
Your group

The 1 v. 1 or 2 v. 2 box

The 1 v. 1 or 2 v. 2 box

Up to 30 players

Up to 30 players

Rental  ↓

Rental of "the box"

For playing 1 v. 1 OR 2 v. 2


  • For playing outdoors, even in daylight!

50 people
per hour

2 equipment units
2 animators
1 h of assembly

Equipment rental

DIFFERENT OPTIONS are available!


Would you like to organize a tournament or a special event?


Contact us so that we can find the solution best suited to your needs!

Up to
30 equipment units

Book the number of hours you need

Obstacle rental

To enhance the playing experience, you can rent obstacles to PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SHOTS of your opponents.


But you can also use the materials (furniture, equipment, etc.) that you have on site!

Up to
20 inflatable
int./ext. equipment units

Up to
30 pop-up
int. obstacles

Travel costs

The first 25 km are FREE

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