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Laser Game

Dive into the exciting world of laser games! Strategy, precision and fun guaranteed! Enjoy unforgettable moments with friends or family and get ready to take on the challenge of futuristic arenas.

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Our Concept  ↓


years old

LASER GAME EVOLUTION is a fun game for children and adults of all ages.

Laser Game Evolution in 6 steps

    1. 1. BOOKING

      To come and play, always remember to book either via our website or by telephone. A minimum of 6 players is required, as we never mix groups. In the interests of safety and conviviality, when you come to play at Laser Game Évolution, you play only with your friends.


      You’ll need to come up with a nickname for your game, then divide players into 2 to 6 color-coded teams. You can also play individually.


      A video will explain how the equipment works, the rules of fair play and safety instructions.

    4. 4. EQUIPMENT

      Each player is invited to put on his or her vest and pick up his/her laser pistol. The game’s about to start!

    5. 5. THE GAME

      The aim of a classic 20-minute game is to score as many points as possible by aiming your laser pistol at the light targets on your opponents’ vests.

    6. 6. THE RESULTS

      Experience your moment of glory if you score the most points, or the worst moment of your life if your points are negative.

Laser technology  ↓

  • Laser Game Évolution uses a 100% European laser technology, making it a precision game in which you have to aim right to win points
  • We don’t use infrared to recognize and register hits, as this technology is much less precise than laser
  • As a result, duels are much more often won by the first shooter with an infrared gun than with a 100% laser gun

Security  ↓

  • What’s the point of taking part in a game of laser tag if you can’t chase each other?
  • Collisions can happen at Laser Game Évolution, which is why the gun and the vest are designed to protect you
  • What’s more, we never mix groups. Greater safety for greater immersion during the game!

Handling  ↓

  • You don’t have to press a button or to hold your pistol with 2 hands to shoot
  • You’ll have total freedom during the game!

Versatility  ↓

  • Want to change your name during a game? No problem : our equipment lets you choose your own name!
  • The vests are also fully configurable and you can create your own ways of playing by configuring your shooting or reloads, activating or deactivating certain targets, giving yourself energy points, etc.

Equipment  ↓

  • Laser Game Évolution equipment lets you run through our labyrinths in complete safety. Playable even in daylight, they allow you to play in a space where the light treatment can be both more punctual and more nuanced for a better atmosphere
  • Composed of two elements, the faceplate and the gun, it is aesthetically pleasing, resistant and reassuring for parents. The faceplate, with its 14 targets (front, back, sides and shoulders), is one of the most effective on the market

Pistol  ↓

  • The pistol also has 3 targets, and its 100% laser technology makes the game faster, more intense and more strategic
  • Latest generation of laser pistols with an LCD screen
  • The shooting mode can be changed

Points  ↓

Since the aim of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible, it’s important to know how points are counted in the different game modes!

  • Hitting an opponent: + 100 points
  • Hit received from an opponent: – 50 points
  • Hitting a teammate: – 50 points